Ballerup, July 2010
Ballerup Badminton Club 58




Organizer: Ballerup Badminton Club 58


Venue: Ballerup Super Arena, Ballerup Idrætsby 4, 2750 Ballerup


The games will be played as follows:
Saturday October 16th at 09.00 am.
Sunday October 17th at 10.00 am. Semifinals
Sunday October 17th at 12.30 pm. Finals


Events: Each player is allowed to participate in 3 events, Danish players only in 2 events.


The tournament will be played after CUP-system in accordance to the rules of the BWF and the regulations of tournament organizing of The Danish Badminton Association. Seeding will be made by DBF.


Competitors: All players of clubs affiliated their national Associations to the BWF – and born in
1996 or 1997.


Shuttles: FORZA


Entry fees: Entry fees – to be paid before tournament start – are:


Singles: DKK 175,00 Doubles: DKK 200,00 per couple
Shuttles are included in the entry fees.


Entries: Entry form has to be sent to: Birthe Friis mail: b.h.friis@mail.tele.dkand please send a copy to Birgit Eriksen mail: - not later than 15thSeptember 2010.


Please use the entry form enclosed in the original  e-mail to Your organisation!


Prizes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes in all events.


Timetable: A detailed timetable will be presented to all teamleaders in advance,.


If you have any questions about the tournament in Ballerup, please contact Birthe Friis: b.h.friis@mail.tele.dkor phone + 45 44 65 52 80. Homepage:


Order form for meals in Ballerup will be mailed to you in the beginning of September to the same address, as this invitation.